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Both my kids have a doodle pro (image) in the car. It keeps them busy doodling and keeps them entertained. In fact, my three year old is at that stage – where he just enjoys doodling. He would always tell his brother to draw properly and “no scribbles.”  Sometimes, when we go to a friend’s house to visit or out to eat, we allow them to take the doodle boards with them.


A couple of days ago, while waiting to get a seat at one of our fave restaurants, my 3-year-old took his doodle pro with him and told his1.5-year old brother “hey Kolaiah, come here, I’ll teach you how to draw triangle.” And my youngest saunters over to his brother and enthusiastically says “oh ok!”

I looked at them and observed. My 3-year-old barely knew how to draw a triangle. In fact, it wasn’t even a perfect triangle. It was really more like a….hmmm…semi-circle-triangle? Let’s just put it this way, his lines were curvy. My 1.5 year-old was eagerly watching and learning from his brother. He even took the pen from his older brother, and tried to draw a similar shape. They went on a fits of laughter when Kaeden, my oldest, said “that’s NOT a triangle!”

At that point, it dawned on me and thought to myself “Goodness gracious, I oughta learn from this kid!”

3 Lessons from a 3 Year Old

1) You don’t have to know everything; teach what you know. My 3 year-old doesn’t know ALL the shapes! He knows the basics (square, triangle, circle, etc.). And he’s certainly not an expert when it comes to triangles. Like I said, what he drew barely resembled a triangle. But he taught his brother what he knew. The best part – he didn’t even look up to see if he was doing right or if anyone else knew more or can do better. He just taught his little brother what he knows, without a concern about whether or not there’s someone around him who’s a triangle expert.

2) You have to be willing. My 3 year old knows that his younger brother didn’t know how to draw triangles, and was willing to teach him. He patiently drew at least 10 triangles before giving the pen to his brother and coached him through it. It’s amusing and encouraging to hear him say “come on, you can do it!”

3) Have fun! By far one of the best lessons that my boys teach me everyday is to always have fun. Whether is eating, or drawing and doodling, or just plain walking – it’s very important to laugh and have fun! My youngest may not have drawn the perfect triangle, but they had a laugh out of it in the end.

It amazes me how much these two boys have taught me so much about life, love, and biz in the short amount of time that they’ve been around. I know, for sure, that they have taught me more than I’m teaching them. They may be dependent on me for certain things – but I’ve grown so much, as a person, ever since I’ve given birth to these two.

I’m so grateful for their love and for their innocence. I wish there’s a way that I can bottle it up – so I can summon it at any time. Whether that’s when I’m battling my personal demons about not being good enough, or not being able to create (which is total crap – I created two AMAZING human beings right here!!), or just feeling the blues.

What have you learned from your kids that you’re applying to your biz?