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Driving traffic to your website is great! The more merrier. You’ve probably spend a lot of time with search engine optimization and social media.

If you’re still struggling with website traffic, check out this article I wrote on increasing your traffic.

But, website traffic alone doesn’t affect your bottom line. You want that traffic to engage with your site – hop around, read your blog posts, buy a product, etc. Once the potential lead becomes engaged, that’s when we can capture that potential lead.

That’s where these 5 plugins come in handy.

Convert your website traffic and POTENTIAL leads into actual leads.

Below are 5 plugins to turn your website traffic to leads. Be aware that there are MORE plugins that can convert your website traffic into leads. These 5 are the ones that perform and convert.

1) Bloom by Elegant Themes: Elegant Themes is known for their clean design, and their optin plugin is up to par. The predesigned forms look  nice and attractive. The plugin  integrates with all major email marketing providers(Aweber, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, etc.). The best part about Bloom is the easy implementation of any CSS code, if you need to make it branded. The plugin is capable of pop-ups, exit intents, fly-in optin, etc. CLICK HERE for more information on bloom.

2) Optin Monster: Used by some of the big names in the Internet Marketing industry, optin monster is known for data and analytics. And if you’re in business, it’s important to know your data. They take out the overwhelm from data and analytics. Similar to Bloom, Optin Monster easily integrates with major email marketing providers. CLICK HERE for extra information on Optin Monster.

3) Popup Ally: It’s widely used by a lot of startups because certain parts of the plugins are free (like the exit intent, etc.). In order to get support and other premium features, you have to buy Popup Ally pro. With popup Ally, you can easily create forms in less than 5 minutes, and you can preview the changes are you’re making them. CLICK HERE for more information on Popup Ally.

4) Thrive Leads: Another one used by some of the big names in the Internet Marketing industry, thrive leads is created by Thrive Themes. It is HIGHLY ENDORSED by Ryan Deiss from Digital Marketer. Thrive leads is built for conversions. They’ve thought of everything! From content locks (which is also in other plugins) to scroll mats and sticky ribbons (ala hello bar), they have ALL of them. CLICK HERE for additional info on Thrive Leads.

5) You Email Marketing Software’s organic form type. For the most part, major email marketing providers have their own forms, that you can easily integrate with your wordpress website. But, it goes without saying that these optin forms are not going to be the prettiest, especially when it come to design. They will be the bare bones, at-least-you’re-getting-the-email type of deal. As a startup, it’s a great place to start. But once you start making some money. investing in one of the above makes a huge difference. Especially once you need to start tracking your data.

With that said, my personal preference has been Bloom. Note that I’m using the past tense. The last couple of months, Elegant Themes haven’t done any major updates to Bloom (especially after it got forked by LeadPages – see paragraph below). I’m in the process of acquiring either Optin Monster or Thrive Leads.

I didn’t mention Leadboxes because I figured if you already have LeadPages, you should know about Leadboxes. If you don’t know about Leadboxes, and you have LeadPages, now you know. Leadboxes, similar to LeadPages, is user friendly. It looks just like the Leadpages popup with the optional progress bar, huge call to action buttons, etc.

LeadPages “forked” Bloom, and they called it Rapidology. As far as I know, Rapidology is free and a plugin that you can also use to convert your web visitors to leads. I personally don’t endorse Rapidology, but it’s definitely an option for you.

Are You ready to convert your web visitors to leads? Start building your email list with your website traffic by implementing one of the plugins above.