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Tech Tip Tuesday: Updated FB Pixel Installation

The FB pixel is a basically a code (i.e. a cookie) that tracks what your website audience is doing in your site and your funnel. It tracks conversions and provides data that will allow you, as a marketer, to optimize your ads, build your audience, grow your audience,...

January 2020 FB Updates

Facebook® just keeps on growing. And along that growth comes some stricter security, in order to protect their users and the experience that they provide. Below is an infographic of 5 MAJOR UPDATES this year that will affect how you use FB for your business.
7 Podcasts For Mompreneurs By Mompreneurs

7 Podcasts For Mompreneurs By Mompreneurs

Hey Mompreneur Friend. Check it out, I’m a podcast addict. I’m jonesing for a podcast on the daily. I listen to at least 2-3 hours of podcast content. EVERYDAY. Of course, if you put that on 2x speed – that’s really only 1.5 hours. In some...