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There’s nothing wrong with competition. In fact, competition shows that there’s a market for your product or service. It’s a good sign.


Now that you know competition is good, how in the heck are you gonna get in front of your competition’s audience. Simple, really. I’ll show you three tools you can use to determine where your audience is hanging out and how you can spy on the competition.


1) is exactly what the url says. It shows you similar sites to that one you’re searching. BUT scroll down a little and it’ll also show you more information about the website you’re searching. Information such as where the majority of their traffic is coming from, popular backlinks, etc. I’ve only used the free version, but I’m sure the premium will give so much more information about the competition.

SImilarweb Image

The best part about similarweb is how they show competitor’s traffic sources. Direct traffic means that the site is known in the marketplace. Social traffic may mean that the site is utilizing social media quite a bit to drive traffic to their site. Referral traffic source means that the site has down quite a bit of guest content posting. With this kind of information – you’ll see which site is the top referring site.

2) is the ultimate search engine for competitive research. If you can’t find any information with similarweb, I’m sure you can find with SEMrush. The information that they provide is like similarweb. I do think that they have more data even for lower traffic sites.

3) SURPRISE?! You shouldn’t be. Facebook has so much information, it’s astounding!! Below- Show you three steps on how can get information from your competitors with facebook.

Get to know your competition, especially the big ones, you can easily get in front of their audience by liking their pages. When they publish ads, you’ll be able to see who they’re targeting. And when you run your ads, you can then target the same group.


Step 1 and 2: See attached image. Click on the arrow, and click on “why am I seeing this ad”

Step 3 shows you the targeting of that ad! See image below.

TADAA! If it were a competitor ad, you would easily know who your competitors are targeting, and can easily get in front of that similar audience.

So now you have all this data about your competitor, here’s what you can do with the information.

1) Top referring sites and backlinks: determine how you can get in these sites, to get backlinks to your site. Can you do a guest content post, or can you buy ad space? The placement is what’s important.

2) Ad Images: Is there any way you can ethically hack a similar look? PLEASE don’t straight up plagiarize ANYTHING on the web. Not only are you gonna get caught, it’s plain wrong!

3) Target the same audience through targeting or same keywords.

Those are just three ways you can find where your competition’s audience is in the web, and how to use the data you found.