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It’s really no secret why I’ve managed to get 50 cent leads for my clients. I’m harnessing the power of the facebook pixel.

If you’re serious about using facebook ads to grow your business, the pixel is necessary. In this short article, I’ve outlined 3 easy steps to install the facebook pixel on your wordpress site. PLUS 2 tools you that will make it all manageable.

Before we begin, I want to give you a little taste of what this piece of code can do.

If you don’t know why you should install the facebook pixel, here are 3 powerful reasons why:

1) Retargeting: Also known as remarketing, it’s a powerful notion that allows you to “follow” people when they’re on facebook. This is by far the reason why I’m getting 50 cent leads for some of my marketing clients. With the power of retargeting, you can easily warm up your target audience, and they’re more likely to sign up for your list, join your webinar, and even buy from you.

If you’ve ever visited a website before, then you saw their ad on facebook a couple of hours later…you’ve been pixelled and now retargeted!

2) Increase Conversion: Well, it goes without saying that the more your target market knows about you, the more they’re likely to trust you (as long as you’re giving value), the highly likely they will buy from you. The facebook pixel helps you increase conversion by being in front of your target market – in a valuable way.

3) Tracking: Marketing is all about the numbers. With all of the facebook pixel custom events and conversions, you can easily track where your web visitors have been, what they’re looking at , etc. While this tutorial is not gonna get in the nitty gritty of pixel events and conversions, I wanted to let you know that this little piece of code is super powerful.

The Tools You Need To Make Your Facebook Ads Life Easier

These tools are more geared towards the facebook pixel, but they have definitely help with facebook ads management.

1) If you have a WordPress website, use the AddFunc Head & Footer Code Plugin. This is where you’ll install the code on your site, once you get it from facebook.

2) From the Google Web Store, install the Facebook Pixel Helper. This is will show you if the pixel is working, if it’s firing, and if there’s anything wrong with it.

Installation Instructions

In your Facebook Ads Manager…

1) Go to tools…


2) Select Pixels….

3) View Pixel Code… unnamed-image-2

In your WordPress Website

1) Go to your installed plugin AddFunc Head & Footer Code Plugin.

2) Paste the pixel codeunnamed-image-3

Make sure to save. Then go to your site, and check if the pixel is firing with the pixel helper. Here is a short video on how to install the Facebook Pixel Helper, and how to check if your pixel is working.

See how easy that way? Next, we’ll cover some basic conversion tools using the facebook pixel.