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Hey Mompreneur Friend. Check it out, I’m a podcast addict. I’m jonesing for a podcast on the daily. I listen to at least 2-3 hours of podcast content.


Of course, if you put that on 2x speed – that’s really only 1.5 hours. In some cases, I listen on 3x speed! #PleaseTalkFaster LOL.|

While others are all up on that “netflix and chill.” I’m all up on that “podcast and chill.” True story. Although “and chill” doesn’t really happen much. Because, come on now… 2x or 3x speed doesn’t warrant “..and chill.”

That kind of speed means “listen up, perk up, pay attention because we’re talking really fast and you don’t wanna miss a thing.”

And that’s why I listen at that speed.

Listen, mama friend. If you’re not listening to podcasts, why the heck not?

I can probably come up with at least 50 reasons why I recommend listening to podcast as a biz mom owner, but let’s just go with three. I’m not a big fan of overwhelm.

So here they are, in all their masterful glory, 3 reasons why you would want to “podcast and chill”

1) Shot of inspiration and motivation. A lot of the ones I listen to are interview based. It’s my favorite format. Keeps the podcast fresh because they have new folks every episode. And I get to enjoy the personality the podcast host on a regular basis. Win-win. Of course the biggest win is the stories they all tell – the host and the guest. The new guest keeps the podcast fresh with their new stories, the host keeps the podcast grounded as they also peel layers of their personality in an ongoing way. And you, as the listener, get to witness (and enjoy) the journey on both sides….The new journey from the guest, and the ongoing quest with the host. #Awesomesauce While not all the stories are rags to riches, they are all relatable. You will definitely take away one thing that will give you a shot of inspiration, with the effects lingering longer than an espresso shot.

2) Learn – just about anything. As an avid learner and curious of all things, this is by far one of the best “side effects” of listening to podcast. And if you’re listening on 2x speed on a 50 minute podcast episode – you just learned something new in under 30 minutes. How cool is that?

P.S. There’s a podcast FOR EVERYTHING. Need evidence? CLICK HERE

3) Get to know the who’s who in your niche. And I’m not just talking about the A-listers and the podcast celebs (John Lee Dumas, I’m looking at you). I’m talking about getting to know people that you might have not heard of if you weren’t listening to that podcast. I recently listened to a Being Boss Podcast and they interviewed Tanya Geisler. While Ms. Geisler may be an A-lister in her niche, I’ve never heard of her. Immediate mom crush, by the way. Coz she’s so amazing. And her work on Impostor Complex, definitely a different story for another blog post. AND now, I’m stalking her all over social media. Heck, we’re now friends on Facebook. Not really sure what that means, in the scheme of things. But hey, I’m crushing here.

So without further adieu, here are 7 podcast by mompreneurs for mompreneurs.

Being Boss Podcast

Being Boss Podcast

These two mommas are killin’ it the creative world (and the podcast world). I’ve been crushin’ on them for a good long while, from afar. I enjoy following their journey through their podcast and enjoy their guests as well. They showcase their guests from woo-woo to practical and everything in between. And their minisodes are full of value bombs, in bite size pieces. Talk about actionable content!

Boss Mom Podcast

The Dana and MJ dynamic duo is such a fun thing to follow. I actually attended one the retreats in San Diego and met a bunch of cool mompreneurs that I’m still friends, to this day! #Win The interview episodes are definitely my favorite because they highlight mompreneurs that are kicking ass, taking names, and nurturing fam bams along the way.

The Momapreneur’s Grit

Denise Damijo is one of the most inspirational momapreneur I know. She’s definitely one of my sheros! I truly enjoy being a witness to her journey. And this podcast definitely showcases her journey. The interviews are gold. See reason #3 above on why you wanna “podcast and chill.” She interviews mommas that are not well-known, and she’s giving them exposure. Sooooo amazing!! <3

Wings Podcast

Before I found this podcast, I heard a couple of episodes where Melinda was interviewed. And then I read more about her Saas Verifeed. From there, I went on a podcast binge…aka “podcast and chill.” Ohhhh man, her guests are brilliant mommas in the business field running multi-million dollar companies.


Prior to becoming a fan of Bizchix, I heard Natalie Eckdahl speak on stage. And she’s amazing!! So wise and warm (you can tell she’s a mom). After that, I became a fan of her show. My favorites are definitely the on-air coaching. Those are so much fun to listen to. And they are full of golden nuggets. Definitely a lot you can take along in your biz journey.

The Mompreneur Show

So this one is not really a podcast, but that’s OK. It’s a live show hosted by Vicky Lashenko who interviews badass mompreneurs. The good thing about the show is that you’re able to watch Vicky interact with the guest  and get more out of it because it’s on video. When I have a bit more time and I tend to watch this show. But for the most part, I still try to watch it on 2x speed.

So there you have it, 7 amazing podcast shows – by mompreneurs for mompreneurs. ENJOY!