Are you an idea-driven entrepreneur, full of good ideas but having a hard time launching and executing?

Do you feel like you’re working IN your business far too much¬†instead of working ON it, and growing it?

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably aware of all the solutions that can help with working in your business so you can free up more of your time to do what you love – whether that’s spending more time with family, and work on growing your business. BUT you’re intimidated by all the tech talk?

HI! I’m Shenna. Chief ¬†launch strategist, data-nerd, and tech-lovin’ marketer.

Grateful Solutions was founded because I have two small children and I wanted to spend more time with them.

While at the same time making a direct positive impact, partnering with idea-driven entrepreneurs with product launches, execution, and most importantly – automation. I love working with passionate entrepreneurs! And I’m a huge fan of pre-launches. Why not make money before actually creating a product?!

Save yourself the time and energy – make sure you get paid first!

Click on the link below to schedule your free-20 minute strategy call with me – let’s put our heads together for a money-making, time-saving marketing strategy that will propel you forward!