GRATEFUL SOLUTIONS assists business owners in
maximizing their marketing efforts by
effectively strategizing, implementing, and automating marketing funnels.

Our packages are designed so that we can make a positive impact in your business growth. We take time to understand your business and your vision. Then we observe your existing system and make suggestions on improving your existing funnel. Or how we can implement an intelligent funnel, that will give your potential leads and clients an experience.

Here’s the truth – not all leads are created equal. There are those who will be hot and ready to buy from you. Then there are those who may be ready in a couple of days, then there are those who may be ready for your product a month or two from now. The idea is to capture every potential client, provide them a personalized experience so that you’re in front of them whenever they’re ready to buy.

Here’s another truth: YOU’RE A SMART ENTREPRENEUR. And you can figure all this stuff out!

Figuring out proper lead magnets for your audience, creating your own landing pages or websites, integrate that with your e-mail opt in forms, and making sure you have the proper auto-responder sequence in place, optimizing ads, etc.

HOWEVER, is it worth your time?
Would you rather be doing something else?
Will it work properly?
Are you better off delegating this to those who actually  enjoy the numbers?
If you ever felt like this…..

While trying to tweak a few things in your landing page….optimizing your ads, etc.
Or while making changes and adding a new page to your website.

Maybe while trying to make sure the opt-in forms are all working well…
And that your auto-responder and associated links are properly in place.

Then it’s time to call in the data-driven tech-lovin’ marketing geek!

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For delegating your product launches, websites, marketing funnels and marketing automation to capable and caring hands.

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You really want learn and master your funnel, but you need someone to take you by the hand.

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