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Facebook is growing and changing everyday. Social media is growing so fast that FB is forced to adapt and make the changes. 

Not all changes are bad though.

Here are 5 relevant updates and what they can do for your business.

1) Facebook Messenger – no more broadcasting allowed. It seems like the messenger bot is being upgraded (or downgraded depending on your FB messenger usage).

Here’s Facebook’s update: 

What does it mean for you?

First, you have to apply to send subscription messages with your Facebook Business page. 

You will be asked to provide a sample message and a brief description on how the bot will use subscription messages. They will also request additional details like how the bot will interact with your subscribers, a confirmation that the bot will only send non-promotional content and will comply with all Facebook Platform policies and community standards.

For more information on this update:

2) Customer Reviews after purchase:

When someone purchase something from your ad, they immediately get something like this:

Pros: If you have an amazing offer, you’re a total badass at customer service and your funnel is easy to follow, you’re golden. Remember that the question is “you bought something from this ad, help others by rating your EXPERIENCE.” The review may not necessarily be about the product, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is how your customers perceives the question.

I have a feeling that there will be variations to this review process. Especially for clarification purposes. But for now, be aware that this is rolling out.

3) New reporting dashboard – this is how FB stands out from all other forms of internet advertising. The dashboard is not as confusing as Google yet very very powerful. And they roll out updates to make easier for media buyers. 

With this update, you can follow your customer’s journey from the first interaction point all the way to conversion. Facebook calls this multi-touch attribution. That way, you don’t rely on the “last click” as your point of conversion. You have a full picture of how the customer engaged with your brand prior to purchase.

4) Facebook Group Chat
Remember chat rooms back in the day, when dial up was super annoying but you use it anyway because no choice? Well, they’re back. Better than ever. In the form of Facebook group chat!

If you have a Facebook Group, you and 250 of your members can now have a Facebook Messenger chat about specific sub-topics. And maybe you have a bigger group, but you’re planning a meetup – then have a chat with the ones who are only interested without clogging up the group.  

5) Facebook Story Ads are finally rolling out

Story ads were so successful in instagram that Facebook decided to add it to their arsenal. So if you’re already running Instagram story ads, you can finally repurpose that content in Facebook Story Ads. 

So if you’re not up on your FB story game (like me), well let’s get on with it!