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Rachel helps high powered women level up their lives. She facilitates permanent change to experience the true freedom that comes from giving up emotional eating. As a yoga life coach and a former emotional eater, she empathizes with women who feel they’re not living up to their potential because of their relationship with food.


3 Major Frustrations

  • She’s not getting in front of the right audience
  • She’s not getting enough leads
  • She’s spending a lot per lead

FB Ads Audit revealed the following bottlenecks in previous campaigns:

  • Facebook is not a fan of the funnel and is not delivering much traffic
  • The target audience is not responding well to the campaign
  • The audience is not reacting to the ad creative

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) based on Wordstream and Digital Distillery

  • Click Through Rate (CTR): 1%
  • Cost Per Click (CPC):$1-$4
  • Cost per lead:$4 (Caveat: depending on the offer)
  • Landing Page Conversion Rate:25%-30%

For about 2 months, we tested the audience and personas – trying to find the low hanging fruit for the offer. Then we tested the offer itself, the lead magnet. To see if there’s a better lead magnet that will attract our ideal audience. Then we tested the copy and creative.

By testing the audience, offer, and creatives (including copy), we were able to lower the cost per lead to less than $2/lead. Other KPIs followed suit; a decrease in cost per impression and increase in click through rate.

Rachel’s audience keeps growing, as her email list is thriving. She’s currently thinking of adding more offers depending on her client needs.