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 Are you  ready to scale your business, have more freedom, do more of what you love and increase your impact – without all the marketing technical headache?

We create done-for-you Marketing Funnels powered by Facebook Ads to help you…

increase your impact | grow your business | attain your ideal lifestyle

GRATEFUL SOLUTIONS assists business owners in maximizing their marketing efforts by effectively strategizing, implementing, and automating marketing funnels powered by Facebook Ads.

Our packages are designed so that we can make a positive impact in your business growth. We take time to understand your business and your vision. Then we observe your existing system and make suggestions on improving your existing funnel. Or how we can implement an intelligent funnel that will give your potential leads and clients an experience.

Done-For-You Package

For delegating your product launches, websites, marketing funnels, Facebook ads and marketing automation to capable and caring hands.

Dial in on what you need, let us do the technical piece, while keep on doing what you love.

Coming Soon: Funnel and FB Ads Workshop

You really want learn and master your funnel, but you need someone to take you by the hand and guide you through the process.

Then let’s get 10 women entrepreneurs in a marketing funnel mastermind & workshop! You in?

Pick-My-Brain Session

And we’re not talking about zombie-type of brain picking. (I hope not!)

Just need an hour of Shenz’s time? What about take-action weekly accountability and pep-talk?